Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

It is really hot here in Indiana….lower 90’s with heat index over 100. It is also very hilly here. That’s a bad combination. Today I did something I rarely do….I walked my bike up a hill. I also did something I’ve NEVER done on a ride…..accepted a ride from the SAG truck. I completed 54 miles and called it quits. It was a good decision. Now I’ve showered (who knew cold water could feel so good) and I’m waiting for them to serve supper. I’m going to look for the massage therapist after I eat. I may do a really short day tomorrow. We’re staying at the same park so don’t have to go any set distance. The town of Nashville, Indiana is only about 2 miles away and they say the shopping there is wonderful. I think I may end up knowing the SAG driver pretty well if the heat wave continues. I saw some beautiful country…..will share pictures when I get home and can get them off my camera.
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  1. I could’ve never have done it, hot and humid for longer than 2 hours, but you ROCK!!!!

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