TRIRI – Touring Ride In Rural Indiana

I left early this morning to drive to Scottsburg, Indiana…….738 miles. It took me 11 1/2 hours, two Mountain Dews, one Red Bull, and two Starbucks Frappaccinos. I’m staying at the host hotel for the ride….most of the cars in the parking lot have bike racks on them. The ride starts tomorrow morning from Hardy Lake (about 10 miles from here). I’ll leave my car there during the ride. On our last day we end up back at Hardy Lake. For some reason I thought tomorrow’s ride was only 40 miles but I see from my map packet that it’s 68 miles. I don’t really feel like I’ve trained enough for this tour, so I guess it’s a good thing I’m staying at a Holiday Inn Express tonight!

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  1. I bet your trained now, you are probably ripped!

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