TRIRI – Day 4


Today was a layover day. It was 98 degrees and humid. I rode the short route and ended up doing about 28 miles total for the day. I visited the Gus Grissom Memorial that’s here in the state park we’re staying at. He was born in the town of Mitchell, IN which is about 5 miles from here. It was interesting….they had a lot of space memorabilia including one of the capsules. Several of us went to the swimming pool in the afternoon. After supper we toured a small village in the park that was built in the early 1800’s. They have a working mill that’s powered by a spring that flows from a cave. That’s why this camp is called Spring Mill State Park. Tomorrow is a move day. It’s an 80 mile ride but I may only ride about 55 miles and catch a ride with a friend that wants to pick up her car (our route takes us near the lake where our vehicles are). It’s supposed to cool down to a high of 88 tomorrow, be a little cloudy with a small chance of rain. Should be a little more pleasant.

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  1. You are an exciting person, you ooze adventure! Love your postings!

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