TRIRI – Day 6

Today was a layover day. We had 3 routes of various lengths to choose from if we wanted to ride. I wanted to ride the 24 mile route. I rode my bike the 2 1/2 miles to the lodge for breakfast and then changed my mind. My legs were really tight and sore. So after breakfast I rode back to camp and changed. Four of us went into Madison, IN and spent the day shopping and goofing off. Madison is a really neat little town right on the Ohio river. They have a lot of historical homes, interesting shops, and a cool riverfront area. There were a lot of unique things to take pictures of. We got back to camp in the late afternoon. Deb (from New York) decided to start her drive back tonight so she packed up all her gear. She had us all sign her tent and write a bit about our trip together. After supper we watched a slide show of photographs that had been taken on the trip. They will make a DVD when they get them all collected and compiled and send a copy to each rider. I got a massage when I got back to camp so hope my legs will be ready for the final 43 miles back to Hardy Lake tomorrow. I also had my bike detailed and lubed, so it should be good to go. Supposed to be in the upper 90’s tomorrow so will try to get done as early as possible.

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  1. Sounds like a great day! I am so happy for you on your adventure!

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