TRIRI – Day 7

This is the final day of the tour. The route is listed as 43 miles and it takes us back to Hardy Lake where our vehicles are parked. By the time I rode to the lodge for breakfast, and then back to the entrance of the park, I already had 7 miles in. So if you take that into account, the total mileage for today is actually 50. The high temperature is supposed to be 95, so I wanted to get as much of the ride completed as possible before it got really warm. The humidity this morning is 90%, so even in the cool part of the morning, it’s instant sweat. I was at the lodge for breakfast at 6:30 and on the road by about 7:30. As usual, the route was hilly. There weren’t too many good places to stop for restrooms/snacks. I took a “break” behind a patch of Johnson grass at the end of someones’s driveway. I stopped at a little grocery store and got a cold drink and rested a few minutes. Other than that, I kept moving. I made it to Hardy Lake by 11:30. I took a shower and hit the road. It was nice to ride in a comfortable, air conditioned vehicle. I had originally planned on just driving part way back today and then the rest of the day on Sunday. I decided I’d go ahead and drive straight through and then have all day Sunday to relax at home. I consumed lots of caffeine, and sang to much to the radio that I’m a little hoarse. I stopped several times and took short power naps. Once I was so sleepy I just pulled off the interstate and parked at the side of the road because I couldn’t make it to a gas station. I got home at 2:30 am (on the time zone I was used to), so had been up for almost 22 hours straight. I’ll post my final thoughts on the tour, my stats from my bike computer and photos soon.

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