TRIRI (Touring Ride In Rural Indiana) – June 19 – 26, 2010

The Indiana tour turned out to be much hotter and hillier than I thought it would be.  They had heat warnings nearly every day during the ride.  I ended up riding 275 miles and climbing 10,080 feet of elevation during the week.  I spent a total of 23 hours and 48 minutes of actual pedaling time on my bike and my maximum speed was 37.1 mph.  I was a little apprehensive about going on the tour by myself, but I met so many nice people and I really had a good time.  I hope to be able to make connections with them again for future rides.  There were riders from several different states…….Missouri, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, Iowa, Tennessee, New York, and Kansas to name a few.  I’m guessing the average age of the riders was around 55 years.  There were even a few people in their 70’s.  Those old people kicked my butt too for the most part…….passed me like I was sitting still on the hills.  We had some incidents with dogs along the route.  The first day of the ride one rider got tangled up with a dog that chased him and he went down, fracturing his collar bone.  On the last day of the ride, two people were bit by the same dog.  I had a small dog nibble on my shoe a little, but he never got any skin.  I found the people of Indiana to be a very friendly bunch of folks.  People would stop us and ask questions about what type of a ride we were on and wanted to know where we were traveling.  The cafe owners were very generous in filling our water bottles and camelbaks with ice water when asked.  There is also some awesome food to be had in Indiana……I sampled quite a lot of it.  They grow a lot of corn in the area along with some soy beans and even a bit of tobacco.  Our routes were well marked with painted symbols on the roads.  It would’ve been possible to follow the route even without a map and cue sheet.  Please take some time to visit my online Picasa photo album to see pictures from the trip.  I’m also going to post a few links for some videos I shot with a camera mounted below my bike handlebar.  Special thanks to Bob from Kansas City for sharing his photos……..he took some great shots.



TRIRI video 1

TRIRI video 2

TRIRI video 3

TRIRI video 4

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