Prairie Sunset Trail Ride

Deb got on her bike today for the first time since her horrible accident last April. We decided to check out the Prairie Sunset Trail near Goddard, KS. It’s a trail that’s been constructed on an abandoned railroad line. The tracks and ties have been removed, and a surface of packed limestone has been added. The trail is only a few years old…….so far there are 8 miles open. Future plans are for the trail to extend all the way to Wichita. At present it starts 2 miles east of Goddard and goes west to Garden Plain. We saw a couple of box turtles, quail, turkeys and one very large black snake. We didn’t get a very early start, so it got a little hot on us by the time we finished (high of around 95 degrees today). When we got to Garden Plain, we ventured into town far enough to find some Gatorade and ice cream before reversing our route. We saw only two other bike riders, and two walkers. The trail surface is suitable for mountain bikes or hybrids… skinny tires. It was a nice ride and it was great to be able to ride with Deb again!

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