BRAT – Day 5

Another day of riding through the mountains of Tennessee. We rode 50 miles today, mainly through the Cherokee National Forest. We ate lunch at a great bakery/deli in Tellico, TN. We rode through an unincorporated area called “Ball Play”.
The ranger said there used to be a Cherokee ball field nearby (that’s now covered by a lake). Apparently the Native Americans used the field to play some sort of “stick ball” game. He said they used the game to settle disputes between tribes and that there were usually several players killed during these games. Sounds like a pretty rough game! The scenery today was so pretty and you could smell the pine trees as you rode along. There was lots of climbing but there were also some great downhills…..the curvy roads are fun. Near the end of the route we descended to the Hiwassee River and then rode along the river for several miles. Two miles from our final destination (Hiwassee State Park), I picked up a roofing nail in my back tire and got a flat. It ruined my tire as well as puncturing the tube, so I sagged in to camp. Fortunately I brought a spare tire, so the bike mechanic changed it out for me. We had the same caterer that we had at the last camp…..Mexican food tonight, great meal. We are staying here two nights so will have a rest day. I’m a bit tired and saddle sore so I will enjoy the break. There is a rafting trip planned on the Hiwassee River. Sent from my iPhone

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  1. Susan, I could feel myself on this ride, you are excellent at describing even the smells. Sorry about the nail problem. Enjoy your rest day. Dang, I wish I could join you, but sounds toooo tough for me! Have a great day!

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