Lawrence River Trail – November 2010

My latest biking adventure took me to Lawrence, KS where I rode the Lawrence River Trail with some friends.  It is a 9-mile loop mountain bike trail that runs along the Kansas River right in the city of Lawrence.  The trail is hard-packed dirt singletrack and is maintained by the Lawrence Mountain Bike Club.  The trail entrance and parking lot is located near the intersection of 8th and Oak in North Lawrence.  Joining me on the ride were Deb, Lisa and Lorraine.  Lorraine graciously provided lodging for the weekend and in addition to biking, we spent time shopping, relaxing, eating, and hanging out on Mass Street.  Lorraine and I (a.k.a. “speed racers”) also enjoyed making fun of Deb and Lisa (a.k.a. “crash test dummies”).  Lisa ended up with a mouthful of dirt, Deb left a little blood on the trail and both were sporting new bruises at the end of the weekend.  No one got seriously injured and we all had a great time.  I look forward to repeating this trip in the future. 


Here’s a couple of YouTube video montages from the ride:


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