2011 Bike Rides

As the end of 2010 approaches, I’m starting to look forward to bike rides already on my calendar for next year.  I met so many nice people on my rides this year and will be biking with some of them again next year.  The first major ride for the year will be a week long tour of the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, AZ.  This trip (in March) is a “pampered” tour put on by Vacation Bicycling.  There will be no tents and sleeping bags……we’ll be staying in some really plush lodging with great food.  It will be a smaller group (20 – 30 riders) and we’ll be fully sagged with a support van following us and transporting our luggage.  Mileage is fairly low with a daily average of 40 – 45 miles, so should be relaxed and allow plenty of time for sightseeing.  Deb and Lorraine will be joining me on this ride, as well as Debbie from New York that I rode with in Indiana and Tennessee. 


Next on the calendar is a trip to Louisiana in late April for Cycle Zydeco.  Cycle Zydeco is an annual Cajun/Creole Food and Cycling Festival.  This four-day, 200-mile ride is all about Cajun/Creole culture and food, with plenty of Cajun and Zydeco music.  There are so many food and music stops I’m not sure how we’re going to cover any distance.  There is even supposed to be a drive-thru where you can purchase margaritas.  We have the choice of tent camping or staying in school gymnasiums.  Since I’m not too keen on getting eaten by an alligator I think I’ll be sleeping inside!  Lorraine will be making the trip with me and we’ll meet up with Debbie (New York), Bob (Kansas City), Darwin (Ottawa), Deb E. (Illinois) and Charlotte (Missouri)…..all people I rode with either in Indiana, Tennessee, or both.  This is a very popular ride, limited to 375 cyclists.  The online registration sold out within a matter of minutes, so I feel fortunate to have gotten in, especially with so many of my friends. 


In August I’ll be cycling in Wisconsin on SAGBRAW (Schramm’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Wisconsin).  We’ll ride along the shoreline of Lake Michigan and visit Green Bay.  The route also takes us into Door County which has the most miles of shoreline and the greatest number of state parks than any other county in the United States.  We’ll also ride through the Kettle Moraine State Forest.  Lots of spectacular scenery, great food and entertainment on this tour.  Our average mileage will be 45 – 60 miles per day.  Once again we have the option of staying indoors at school gymnasiums or tent camping.  Debbie (New York) and Bob (Kansas City) are also doing this tour. 


Those are the major rides I’ll be doing, but I also plan on doing as many organized rides on the weekends that time will allow.  The Wicked Wind, Prairie Pedal, The Great Escape, Cruise the Blues, and the Gorilla Century are all rides I’d like to do again.  I haven’t ridden since November due to knee surgery but I’m hoping to be able to start riding again soon.  Looking forward to good times and cycling with friends in 2011!



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  1. How interesting it is to read about your trips. I hope you enjoy all of them.

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