Sonoran Desert Tour – March 13, 2011


For our first day of riding, we rode from from Tucson to the West Sonoran Desert area and back.  The ride took us right through the University of Arizona campus on our way out of town.  It is a beautiful campus and the area next to the University reminded me of Mass Street in Lawrence, or Aggieville in Manhattan…….lots of interesting restaurants and shops.  We started climbing once we left town and went up and over Gates Pass in the Tucson Mountains.  The view from the top was nice.  The ride down the other side was even better…..reached my top speed of the day of 36.3 mph.  The ride back to town from the pass was pleasant with lots of rolling hills.  Deb quit about half way through the ride and sagged in.  I thought she did good considering she’s on a new bike, is brand new to recumbents and the terrain we were riding.  Lorraine rode with a woman from Wisconsin (Jane) and Debbie and I rode together from the pass back to town.  We made a wrong turn and got off the route, but managed to find our way with the gps on our iphones.  We met Lorraine and Jane at the Epic Cafe near the University for a late lunch.  Deb ate lunch back at the hotel with a couple on the ride from Virginia.  We hit the swimming pool and hot tub when we got back and later had liquid refreshments and ordered a pizza.  Our total mileage for the day was a little over 40 miles and we had 1,645 feet of elevation gain.  Arizona is very bike friendly, and a good majority of their roads and city streets have bike lanes.  It’s a refreshing change from Kansas.

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