Sonoran Desert Tour – March 15, 2011

On day three of our tour we rode south from Green Valley to the Esplendor Resort in Rio Rico, AZ.  We traveled mostly through a valley with mountains on both sides of us.  At the 22 mile mark, we arrived in the small town of Tubac, a small town on the Santa Cruz River.  Tubac is a unique place with more than 100 shops, art galleries, working artists’ studios, and many restaurants.  We held an impromptu tattoo party at the entrance of the village.  Two elderly women who were not part of our group even participated getting tattoos on their chests.  Debbie got a flat a few miles out of Tubac and with Lorraine’s help ruined her only spare tube.  Lorraine was a big help, laughing and taking photos of Debbie sitting on the ground in the desert working on the tire.  Debbie thought there were hyenas near, but it was just Lorraine’s cackling laugh that she heard.  Debbie summoned the magical SAG wagon and caught a ride to the resort.  After spending some time in the pool and hot tub, we rehydrated in the bar.  We had a really nice meal at the resort’s restaurant later.  The resort is located on the top of a hill (that most of us walked our bikes up) and the views were incredible.  My mileage was 32.67 miles, with an elevation gain of 1,240 feet and a max speed of 22.1 mph.  



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  1. Wonderful, it all sounds and looks magical! What a great adventure!

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