Sonoran Desert Tour – March 16, 2011

Today we traveled north from Rio Rico to Sonoita, AZ.  We stopped at a small diner in Rio Rico and had a wonderful breakfast of egg and chorizo burritos.  After we ate Lorraine and Debbie rode ahead together and I stayed back and rode with Deb.  Her trike won’t go as fast as a regular bike, so we went at a slower pace.  There weren’t too many towns on the route today.  About 14 miles into the ride, we stopped at the Nogales International Airport to use the restroom and get water.  The airport consisted of one small building with a snack bar and restrooms.  The airport is only 2 miles from the Mexican border and there was a small Border Patrol outpost set up on an access road out front.  We rode another 11 miles before coming to the town of Patagonia, AZ.  We met up with Lorraine and Debbie there and had drinks and snacks at a local deli.  I went to the restroom and noticed a stack of diapers next to a baby changing station.  I commented that I should’ve stuffed one of them in my shorts for extra padding.  Later when I went to retrieve my bike I found a “diaper seat cover” on it.  Lorraine was the culprit while Debbie created a diversion to distract me.  Deb decided she didn’t want to ride any further and called the SAG van.  By the time it arrived, the rest of us had decided we’d hitch a ride into Sonoita as well.  We ended up riding 25.82 miles and climbing 1,455 feet of elevation.  Our lodging for the night was the Sonoita Inn.  The building was built and designed by Margaret Carmichael, co-owner of Secretariat, the race horse that won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont in 1973.  The lobby is decorated with photos of Secretariat, press clippings, and racing programs.  Each room is named after a local ranching family.  Our group took up the entire hotel.  We walked next door to a restaurant for dinner and “rehydrating”.  



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  1. LMAO! You, Susan are a saint! You do so much for Lorraine and she diapers you…..I am so happy for you gals, what a HOOT!

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