Sonoran Desert Tour – March 17, 2011

On our last day of the tour, we left Sonoita and headed north back to Tucson.  We had 10 miles of climbing to start the day.  The climbs weren’t extremely steep, but they were long hills.  We were in the Santa Rita Mountains and after 10 miles, we enjoyed some steep downhills and elevation loss for the rest of our ride.  Deb and Lorraine decided not to ride today.  Lorraine’s legs were really sore (despite going to bed the night before with 10 pounds of ice on them).  They rode in the SAG van and got back to Tucson fairly early in the day.  They walked a couple of miles to a spa and got massages.  Debbie and I rode and really enjoyed the route today.  There were some nice rolling hills as we neared Tucson.  We rode a total of 30.87 miles.  We climbed 796 feet, but had 2,445 feet of elevation loss.  There was one downhill section of 6% grade for 4 miles.  My maximum speed for the day was 38.3 mph.  We ended our ride at a Dairy Queen with ice cream…….the perfect ending to a perfect day.  There were two young Canadian men at the Dairy Queen who were doing a self-contained bicycle ride from San Antonio back to Canada.  Their bikes were loaded down with bags and gear.  They said they tried to travel at least 60 miles a day.  We stayed at the Lodge on the Desert again for our final night of the tour.  After Debbie and I got back, we borrowed a car from one of our group and returned Lorraine’s rental bicycle for her.  We hit the pool and hot tub and then had a group dinner at the hotel restaurant.  We disassembled and packed our bikes back in their cases and organized our luggage to move on the next day.  Deb and I are moving to a hotel closer to the airport for the next few nights and will spend a few days sightseeing before heading home. 



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  1. Delightful documenting, thank you!

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