Cycle Zydeco – April 29, 2011

This morning we took the shuttle back to St. Bernard’s School and put our luggage on the truck.  We then walked a short distance to Cafe des Amis for breakfast.  The croissants and cheese grits were our favorite items they served.  We rode to McGee’s Landing where we took an Atchafalaya Swamp tour.  It was about a thirty minute boat tour in the Atchafalaya Basin.  After the tour we listened to more live music at McGee’s Landing.  Our next stop was the Bayouland Crawfish Processing Plant tour.  It was a very interesting tour.  The crawfish are brought in and placed on a “sorter” which separates them by size.  They are then cooked with live steam as they travel down a conveyor belt.  From there they are peeled by hand and then packaged for sale.  The women doing the peeling are paid by the pound, not by the hour.  They also skin and process alligators during the hunting season.  Next we traveled to Arnaudville for lunch and more live Zydeco music.  We tried “cracklin” which is like a pork rind, only it’s thicker and includes some meat, not just the skin.  We finished our ride for the day at the Evangeline Downs Casino Hotel.  Rather than ride the shuttle to Washington for food and music, we opted for dinner at the hotel and then did a bit of gambling.  We rode a total of 43.8 miles and climbed 315 feet.



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