Cycle Zydeco – May 1, 2011

Today was the last day of the Cycle Zydeco ride.  It was overcast nearly all day, very humid, warm and windy.  It seemed as if we either had a side wind or head wind……very rarely a tail wind.  We caught the 6:30 am shuttle from our hotel back to the Eunice Jr. High School where we had left our bikes.  We grabbed a quick breakfast (there were some really good cinnamon rolls this morning) and were on our bikes by about 7:15 am.  Today besides the SAG stops which were spaced out about every 12 miles or so, there weren’t any other major stops.  The main goal was to get our 40 mile route finished early enough to enjoy lunch and the post-ride party back in Grand Coteau.  We rode mainly through farming country, by numerous crawfish and cattle farms.  I was amused at the number of Madri Grau beads that littered the shoulder along the roads.  I think there were beads at least every few feet in some areas.  We were below sea level most of the day… altimeter on my bike computer registered -134 as the lowest elevation.  We arrived in Grand Coteau about 12:15 pm.  The post-ride party and lunch were held at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, which is a Catholic boarding school.  The Academy was founded in 1821 and is the only site of a miracle in the United States which is recognized by the Catholic Church.  We enjoyed another live band and more cajun food before loading the bikes and luggage in the car and heading back to Lafayette.  We stayed at a nice hotel downtown and enjoyed the last day of Festival International, with food, drinks, shopping and live music on several stages.  Debbie was delivered to the Lafayette Airport early the next morning and Lorraine and I spent the day driving back to Kansas.  The tour was very well organized and the routes were well marked.  I was impressed at how smoothly they were able to accommodate so many cyclists and how they managed to shuttle everyone to the different hotels and activities.  We had great entertainment and food and felt we definitely got our money’s worth on this ride.  Our total mileage for the four days was 160 miles.  It was a great time with such intense laughing at times that our stomachs hurt!  I’m hoping to do many more rides together with my wonderful friends.



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