Prairie Spirit Trail – May 30, 2011

We rode the trail back north from Garnett to Ottawa today.  The wind was blowing 25 to 30 out of the south with gusts as high as 40 mph.  We were so thankful we finally had a tailwind.  It was cloudy and overcast most of the day, so it was fairly pleasant even though it was in the upper 80’s.  I think if I could’ve figured out how to rig a sail on my bike I wouldn’t have even had to pedal.  We saw several cyclists and a few joggers on the trail.  There were lots of turtles on the move today.  One had dug a hole at the edge of the trail and was in the process of laying eggs.  I’m not sure what type of turtles they were (just know they were not snapping turtles).  I think they were a type of box turtle or map turtle.  There was another big black snake as well as some small garter snakes along the way today.  Deb hates snakes and it makes her especially nervous because she’s so close to the ground on her recumbent.  Our only lunch option was the same Quick Stop in Princeton.  We saw some interesting people while we ate lunch…….Deb said it was more entertaining than Walmart.  One customer was short $7 for gas that he’d pumped.  The clerk had him talk to the owner on the phone.  The man tried to get the owner to cash a check for him.  The owner apparently said no, so the man asked if he could carry him for the $7 until the next day when he could return to pay for it.  The owner agreed, and then the man had the nerve to ask if he’d let him have a 30-pack of beer also………….unbelievable!!!  People cease to amaze me.  We arrived in Ottawa about 3:00 PM, loaded up our bikes and gear and headed home.  We ended up riding just over 70 miles on the trail and it was very enjoyable despite the less than perfect weather. 




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