Lawrence River Trail – July 9, 2011

Lorraine, Lisa, Deb and I drove to Lawrence, KS after work on Friday for a weekend at the “tree house”.  We primarily made the trip to attend a David Gray concert in Kansas City on Saturday night.  We decided we would take our mountain bikes and ride the Lawrence River Trail on Saturday morning.  We ate a late breakfast at Wheatfield’s Bakery (yum yum) and then went to the Sunflower Bike Shop to rent Lisa a bike.  While there I found a new bike jersey that insisted on following me home (one can never have enough bike clothing).  We got a late morning start on our ride.  Deb rode her recumbent on the trail that runs on top of the levee nearby while we headed into the trees on the river trail.  It was about 90 degrees so we were thankful for the shade.  Lawrence had recent rain, but the trail was in nice shape except for a couple of mud holes.  They have added about 1 1/2 miles of new trail since we rode here last November.  The new trail was still pretty rough and it had several sections that were almost impossible to ride because the sand was so deep.  With the exception of the sandy sections, it was still fun.  We rode a little over 10 miles and had a great time. 

After our ride we went back to the tree house, relaxed and had some cold ones.  We cleaned up a bit later and got on the road to Kansas City.  We met a couple of friends for dinner at Californos in Westport before the concert.  Afterwards we went to the Uptown Theater for the David Gray concert.  He really put on a great show and we all had a good time.  We got back to Lawrence late and hit the sack.  We’d originally planned on riding the trail again the next morning, but decided against it when we realized how hot it was.  The high for the day ended up being 110 and it was hot even early in the day.  Once we pried Lisa out of bed we fixed a big breakfast spread that included mimosas.  We returned Lisa’s rental bike and did a little shopping before heading back home late in the afternoon.  Great times with great friends!







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