SAGBRAW – July 30, 2011

After a 15 hour drive of nearly 900 miles, Deb and I have arrived in Marinette, Wisconsin for the start of SAGBRAW (Schramm’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Wisconsin).  This is the 34th year this ride has been in existence.  Deb brought her recumbent trike and is going to do day rides on various rail-trails in the area while I ride the SAGBRAW routes on my road bike.  It will be nice having a vehicle along.  We drove part way yesterday evening to Des Moines, IA and drove another 8 hours today.  The starting point is at the University of Wisconsin Marinette.  The town of Marinette is on the shore of Lake Michigan near the Wisconsin/Michigan state line.  We arrived in town to heavy rain and winds.  We went straight to registration and decided to set our tent up later.  After getting our registration squared away we ate at the University cafeteria and then relaxed, enjoying the free wi-fi and a live bluegrass band.  While waiting for the rider’s meeting to start we debated as to whether we should just sleep inside the gymnasium and forget about setting up the tent since it was still drizzling.  A brief search on the internet revealed numerous hotels nearby, so we opted for another night of comfort before a week of staying in a tent.  Comfort Inn here we come!!  Nobody likes to start a week long camping trip with wet gear! 

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