SAGBRAW – August 4, 2011


Today the route started in Mishicot and took us to Sheboygan, WI.  We couldn’t get lodging in Mishicot the night before, so stayed in Two Rivers.  The route went right by our hotel, so I just started from the hotel rather than to drive back to Mishicot.  The hotel we stayed at was called the Lighthouse Inn and it was right on the shoreline of Lake Michigan.  The hotel restaurant had large windows that looked out over the lake and we had a gorgeous view as we ate breakfast. From Two Rivers to Manitowoc, we could either ride on the road or on a paved bike path along the Lake Michigan shore.  I chose to ride on the trail.  Deb rode this same trail yesterday.  In Manitowoc, many cyclists stopped at the Cedar Crest Ice Cream factory.  I had eaten a big breakfast and wasn’t ready for ice cream at 10:00 in the morning.  Our next rest/water stop was at the Fischer Creek Farm.  It was a small farm and they provided baked goods for the riders.  There were grape vines and raspberries growing in their front yard and they had one of the largest vegetable gardens I’ve ever seen. 

The route once again mainly followed the shoreline of Lake Michigan for the majority of the day with beautiful views along the way.  I saw some very large dairy farms and lots of corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, and alfalfa.  There was a lot of alfalfa that had been cut and semis were hauling it back to the dairies.  I could smell the fresh cut alfalfa as I rode, along with cow manure of course.  I stopped in Cleveland, WI at Hika Park which was right on the lake.  I couldn’t resist taking my shoes off and dipping my feet in the lake.  It was quite cold, but felt good.  Arriving in Sheboygen, we rode by the water front for quite a distance.  There was a large beach that was crowded with people.  There were also many large sail boats and yachts docked in the area.  Sheboygen is a fairly large town with a population of just over 50,000.  As I entered town I saw a sign that stated their population as 17,000…….I guess it was an old sign.  The route ended at the University of Wisconsin Sheboygen.  I arrived and waited about 20 minutes for Deb to pick me up to go to our hotel.  She spent the day riding Old Plank Road Trail near Sheboygan.  It was paved and hilly in spots and she said she had an enjoyable day on the trail.  After we cleaned up at the hotel we drove back down to the waterfront area for a little sightseeing.  We ate dinner at a steak place right on the water that had great views. 



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