Texas Hill Country: Fredericksburg, TX – April 16, 2012



The A-Team (Charlotte, Colleen, Cathy, Sonja, and Darwin) left ahead of the B-Team (Lorraine, Deb, and myself).  They opted to do a 30 mile route to Luckenbach, TX in the morning and then another 20 mile route in the afternoon.  We decided to only do the 30 mile route that included a stop in Luckenbach. 

We arrived in Luckenbach about 12:30pm.  It’s not much more than a spot in the road with a general store and the world famous bar (which is very small).  Lorraine and I went out back and sat down to listen to a local man singing and playing guitar.  Deb came out of the bar with three Texas beers in hand.  That was the start of an incredibly good time.  We proceeded to drink every Texas beer that the bar offered.  The Feedlot (little food stand) was closed, so Lorraine bought us a lunch of Doritos, Cheetos, and Gorditos.  We rounded out the meal with Sour Patch Kids, Stinger Waffles, and a Powerbar.  The musician kept sounding better and better and his jokes got progressively funnier. 

We finally crawled back on the bikes at about 3:00pm and completed the final 11 miles of our route.  We stopped just outside of Fredericksburg and reenacted the Hunger Games scene where Katniss placed flowers on Rue’s body.  Instead of Rue’s death….we created Sue’s death.  Lorraine and Deb had to pick the stickers off my backside after I laid in the ditch.  We decided we could not have had a more enjoyable day……….we had so much fun! 

The A-Team had completed their 50 miles by the time we rolled in.  Lorraine went off to a yoga class and Deb and I cleaned up and went to the grocery store to purchase food for our group evening meal.  As always Darwin was an awesome bartender and we had a memorable evening.  Some people probably will remember more than others…………

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