Texas Hill Country: Fredericksburg, TX – April 19, 2012


Today the B-Team got out of the house early (by our standards anyway).  Debbie had a 4:30pm flight to catch out of Austin, so we did a short ride in the morning before heading to the big city.  We did the same ride that we did the first afternoon only in reverse direction.  It seemed like the hills were steeper in reverse, but the scenery was no less spectacular.  We saw a wild turkey, buzzards, and had to wait for some Texas Longhorn cattle to cross the road ahead of us.  The roads have very little traffic and are very pleasant to ride.  Lorraine particularly enjoyed all the cattleguards. 

After our ride we cleaned up and got on the road to Austin.  We has a minor complication when Lorraine ran over a wooden bench with the car after only traveling about 3 feet down the driveway.  Deb researched on her phone on the drive there and found a fantastic authentic Mexican restaurant called El Borrego De Oro.  Lorraine ordered an appetizer for us that was so spicy that I ate some of the hot sauce to cool my mouth off.  The food was awesome!

We sadly said our goodbyes to Debbie at the Austin airport……….until Montana my friend!  Lorraine and I drove around for awhile (hopelessly lost) until we made it back to a unique shopping area on Congress Street.  We spent several hours shopping.  Lorraine tried on many pairs of cowboy boots but still didn’t end up buying any. 

We made our way to the well known Stubb’s Bar-B-Q and proceeded to gorge ourselves on more food and local beer.  Stubb’s has an indoor and outdoor stage and frequently has live music.  We had purchased tickets a few days ago to see Kristy Lee who was performing this evening.  An Australian group called Hussy Hicks opened for her.  Kristy Lee is from Alabama.  Her voice has been described as being “like thunder, rolling in before a sweet southern rain, instantly washing the world away.  Kristy Lee’s unique rhythms are absolutely nourishing, clean, pure, and unapologetic.”  The music was amazing, mesmerizing at times.  We had a great evening.  It was a late night drive back to Fredericksberg and we didn’t get back to our house until a little after 2:00am. 



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