Texas Hill Country: Fredericksburg, TX – April 20, 2012



Lorraine had an early morning flight out of San Antonio this morning and had to be on the road by 5:00am.  She only got a few hours sleep since we were so late getting in last night.  The A-Team was out early (I heard them stirring as I was laying in bed) and got in 44 miles before lunch.  They got rained on at the very end of their ride. 

I slept in and then went into town to do some shopping with Sonja, Colleen and Cathy.  We shopped for a couple hours and then went by the grocery store to pick up some supplies for tonight’s dinner.  When we returned to the house everyone went on a ride except Cathy.  She stayed behind and slaved away preparing our evening meal.  Sonja, Colleen, Charlotte and I did about 15 miles on some of the roads in the area near where we’re staying.  Much of the ride was along a river or creek with a couple of low water crossings……very scenic.  We saw some Texas Longhorn cattle, goats, and llamas.  The cool front that came through earlier brought gusty winds and we fought headwinds at times. 

We had a delicious meal of roasted fresh vegetables, sweet potatoes and chicken.  Of course there was also wine, a bit of beer and even one shot of Patron.  We finished the meal off with several different varieties of fudge from a shop in Fredericksburg.  A couple of Colleen’s friends from Austin drove over tonight to stay with us.  They plan on riding with us tomorrow.  Another great day in Texas Hill Country!

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