Texas Hill Country: Fredericksburg, TX – April 21, 2012


Today I rode with the A-Team plus Colleen’s friends from Austin (Jeff and Dawn).  In the morning we rode a 35 mile route called the Gypsum Mine Loop.  I think a more appropriate name would be “Satin’s Loop”.  We had a 9 mile steady climb into a headwind as we left Fredericksburg.  The toughest climb on the route was Mt. Crabbapple which is rated as a category 1 (the hardest).  It was a 28% grade……painfully difficult for me at least.  The beautiful scenery more than made up for the tough climbs.  The flowers and view of the valleys were spectacular.  We also saw one very large snake.  Jeff didn’t see it and nearly ran over it.  It looked similar to a rattlesnake but we couldn’t see any rattles on its tail.  Of course with steep climbs come long descents.  My bike computer registered a maximum speed of 39.3 mph…..a new record for me. 

Once back in Fredericksburg we ate lunch on the outdoor patio at the Silver Creek Beer Garden and Grill.  Afterwards we set off on a 23 mile loop called Espresso.  Once again we battled the headwind as we left town.  My legs were shot so I ended up turning around 5 miles shy of finishing the route.  The rest of the group continued on and I returned to town and then rode back to the house.  The tailwind made the return trip much more pleasant.  I ended up with a total of 55 miles for the day and a sunburn.  The A-Team rode a total of 60 miles for the day.

Jeff and Dawn left to go back to Austin.  Charlotte, Cathy, Colleen, Sonja and I showered, ate some leftovers and later went to Luckenbach to listen to some live music and rehydrate.  Colleen had been pooped on by a bird at lunch, so we were amused when we looked up and saw there was a chicken roosting in the tree above her head.  She decided not to take any chances and moved to the other side of the table.  The musicians weren’t that great (maybe we just weren’t drinking enough) but we amused ourselves by watching all the weird people in the crowd.  After we got back to the house we started a fire outside on the patio and roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.

Tomorrow Sonja and I will drive back home.  Charlotte, Cathy, and Colleen will ride one more day and leave on Monday.  It’s been a very fun trip and I think everyone had a good time.  We certainly did laugh a lot!

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