Divide Ride Montana – July 15, 2012


Today was a wet, cool day on the bike.  It started raining while we were eating breakfast and pretty much rained off and on all day until about 5:00pm.  We rode from Whitefish to Bigfork.  According to the map, the route was 44.6 miles.  Deb K. made me admit to the fact that she had a better sense of direction than I did……so I trusted her map reading skills and put my complete faith in her.  Everyone else rode 44.6 miles…..we rode 49.26.

We saw some absolutely beautiful country today.  We saw several deer and a few groups of turkeys.  Some of the deer were right next to the road and were not bothered much by our passing.  The nearby mountains of the Flathead National Forrest towered above us.  We rode mostly on pavement with a few sections of gravel roads.  We rode a couple of miles on a gravel bike path as we came into Bigfork.  It was very scenic running right next to the Swan River.  

When we were lost at one point we doubled back to the Swan River Cafe to ask directions.  It was raining hard at that point so we decided to get a cup of coffee to warm up.  The Cafe was quite busy with several people waiting in the foyer for tables.  We got our coffee at the counter and went back into the foyer to sit down and drink it.  We were soaking wet and splattered with mud.  Deb sat down in an open chair and the woman sitting right next to her jumped up quickly (to avoid getting muddy water dripped onto her).  So I took her empty seat and we sucked down the hot coffee like our lives depended on it…….it tasted so good and it felt wonderful to have something warm in our stomachs.

The waitress gave us excellent directions to Bigfork and we continued on our way.  We arrived in Bigfork about 3:00pm.  Deb’s rain jacket wasn’t keeping her very dry so we first went in search of a replacement.  I’m glad she spent money on a new rain jacket because now it will probably not rain the rest of the trip.  We went to a restaurant called Grille 459 and had a late lunch and another Montana beer.  Unfortunately it was not on our list so we made no progress in that matter.  We were still soaked through and filthy dirty since we’d just came off the gravel bike path.  We were cold in the air conditioned restaurant so we snuck some extra silverware packets off a nearby table and covered our legs with the cloth napkins that were wrapped around the silver.  They probably had to mop up the puddle of dirty water we left in our wake.  Deb and I were so famished that we hardly spoke……just wolfed our food down. 

I wanted to arrive at our motel before dark, so instead of putting my faith in Deb, I asked the waitress for directions.  While we were eating, it quit raining and the sun came back out.  It felt wonderful when we went back outside.  We managed to make it to our hotel without getting lost.  We used their garden hose to clean the worst of the mud and grime off the bikes.  We laid out our gear and hope most of it will dry by morning.  We took a quick soak in the hot tub to sooth our sore legs.

All day Deb kept saying she couldn’t wait to get to the motel so she could take a hot shower and just be warm.  After coming in from the hot tub she turned on the TV, tuned in a baseball game, lay down on her bed and started reading her pornographic book again.  Perhaps she’ll be sociable and speak to me once she finishes it.  Not sure when/if she’ll shower.  

We climbed 1,889 feet today and spent just over 5 hours in the saddle.  My average was 9.7 mph with a maximum speed of 29.5.  According to my Garmin I burned 1,930 calories.


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