Divide Ride Montana – July 16, 2012



Today our route takes us from Bigfork to Condon.  We left town by the same bike trail we came in on yesterday.  It took us to a state highway which we traveled on for about 7 miles.  After that we were on gravel logging roads with the exception of a few miles of pavement at the very end of the ride. 

We had about a 6 mile long climb at the beginning of the day.  Once we made it to the top of the climb we had a downhill section that was about 7 miles long.  During that downhill, a good sized buck deer jumped out of the woods and ran in front of me a short distance until he darted off into the woods on the other side.  His rack was still in velvet…….very pretty.  

At 28.5 miles into the ride we stopped for lunch.  There was a significant second long climb coming up and we opted to catch a ride on a SAG vehicle up to the top.  We were dropped off at the water stop at the top of the climb and continued on the route from there.  

The rest of the ride was not easy…….some rolling terrain with what seemed like more climbs than descents.  We finally made it back to a highway and headed to our Bed and Breakfast.  About a mile short of our destination was a small convenience store.  We were debating on how difficult it would be to carry beer on the bikes when some other people on the ride showed up.  They have one person not riding and have a vehicle.  They also happened to be staying at the Bed and Breakfast. They offered to carry our purchases and we were able to check Bayern Dancing Trout off our beer list.

The Bed and Breakfast was nice……with the exception that it did not have air conditioning.  It cooled down to the upper 50’s, but it was still pretty warm in the room even with the window open.  We had some beautiful views of the mountains.  Adventure Cycling shuttled us about 2 miles down the road for dinner, where the rest of the group was camping.   One man on the tour had to be taken by ambulance to Seeley Lake.  We saw him on the route earlier in the day and he was not doing well.  He apparently was having some heart issues.

We rode a total of 47.22 miles and climbed 4,654 feet.  We spent 6 hours and 25 minutes in the saddle and had an average speed of 7.4 mph.  The Garmin says we burned 2,363 calories.


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