Divide Ride Montana – July 18, 2012


Today was our layover day in Seeley Lake.  We slept in, did a little shopping and relaxed.  We had our morning coffee at the Jitterbug Java/Grizzly Claw Gift Shop which was a short walk up the street from the motel.  We checked out a few more nearby gift shops and then went back to the motel.  We ate lunch which was provided by the caterer.  Afterwards I took my laptop to the motel office (the only place I could get decent wifi) and caught up on my blog.  Deb took her pornographic book (cleverly disguised inside a biking magazine) and read in the campground behind the motel where most of the group was staying.  She finally finished it……maybe she’ll have more meaningful conversations with me now.

About 3:30 pm we headed out to do a bit more shopping and mailed Lorraine a care package.  We took our purchases back to the motel and then set off in search of the Moose River Bar & Grill that had been recommend for dinner.  It was a mile and a half walk to the place, but it was worth it.  We had a nice meal and managed to drink three Montana beers (none of which were on our list). 

On the walk back to the motel we stopped at the Seeley Chicken Coop Lounge and then the Filling Station.  We consumed four more Montana beers (only one of which was on our list).  Last stop before making our way back to the motel was an ice cream stand where we had a huckleberry/vanilla twist yogurt.  It was nice to have a break off the bike today.

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