Divide Ride Montana – July 19, 2012


Today we were on the bikes by 8:15 am.  We left Seeley Lake and climbed for a little over 15 miles before we got to start going downhill for a bit.  Both Deb and I agreed later that this section seemed the hardest to us.  Not sure if it was the fact that we didn’t ride yesterday or just that we started climbing right away…….but we both struggled most of the way to the first water stop.  After resting a bit at our first stop, it was mostly downhill to Ovando for lunch.  There were a lot of small climbs thrown in the mix though.  We stopped in the town of Ovando (population 30) at mile 28.5.  We decided to pass on the sandwiches the caterer provided and instead went to The Stray Bullet cafe.  Neither of us remembered to take our reading glasses in, so we couldn’t read the menu.  The waitress told us our options and we ended up splitting a grilled tuna sandwich and had some soup. 

From Ovando, we opted to SAG to the top of Huckleberry Pass and avoid the second long climb of the day.  The temperature was near 90 and we didn’t think it would be wise to attempt the climb.  After Tony dropped us off we enjoyed a several mile downhill section and then had another small climb before descending towards the town of Lincoln.  The area had recently been logged and there were large stacks of trees piled beside the road waiting to be hauled to the mill.  The road was also kind of rough from the logging equipment.

We rode by several lakes and streams today.  The scenery was outstanding.  We made it to Lincoln, and checked into the Historic Lincoln Hotel, a 14-room log hotel that was built in 1928.  It was really a neat place complete with a bar and restaurant.  We sat outside after arriving and drank another Montana beer before showering. 

We had dinner with seven other people on the ride that were staying at the same hotel.  A very nice, older gentleman from California graciously picked up everyone’s bill.  Afterwards we all walked about a mile down to a place that served ice cream.  Deb and I had huckleberry ice cream cones. 

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