Divide Ride Montana – July 20, 2012


Today’s ride was optional.  It was a 40 mile loop from Lincoln to Stemple Pass and back.  We had to have our bikes down to the high school to be loaded on the truck at 1:00 pm and be on a bus at 2:00 pm for the shuttle back to Whitefish. 

We decided it would be difficult for us to finish the ride and get back in time so we opted not to ride the route.  We slept in a bit later and then had a really nice breakfast at our hotel.  The waitress forgot to turn our order in so the manager offered us complimentary Mimosas which we gladly accepted.  After breakfast we rode our bikes about 3 miles out of town to the Hi Country Trading Post.  it was a fairly large gift shop and of course Deb purchased many heavy items which I had to carry in my bike bag and hydration pack. 

We got back to town about noon and stopped for coffee at a small shop.  We were entertained by their resident Boston Terrier who wanted to play tug-o-war with a rope toy.  She growled and was ferocious but it was all play…….she was a cutie.  Made me miss my dogs at home. 

We rode on to the high school and loaded our bikes on the truck for the return to Whitefish.  We grabbed a sandwich and had about a half hour wait for the bus to arrive.  It was nearly a 4 hour trip back to our starting point in Whitefish but the scenery along the way was beautiful.

We got checked into our motel and then walked downtown and had the best meal of our trip at the Tupelo Grille.  We went back to The Great Northern Brewing Company and knocked two more beers off our list.  Our final tally was 25 Montana beers for the week.  We organized our gear and Deb made me watch a baseball game that she already knew the outcome of because it was played earlier in the day.  It was the second time on the trip that we watched an encore presentation of the same game……

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