Santa Fe/Taos, New Mexico – September 23, 2012


Today we left Santa Fe and headed to Taos.  We started out by riding 2 1/2 miles, mostly on a bike path, to the Railroad Station where we loaded all the bikes onto the SAG van.  We then boarded a waiting shuttle which took us north to Taos.  We arrived just before noon, unloaded the bikes and rode a 24 mile out and back route from town.  We rode to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and then returned back the way we came. 

The bridge is 650 feet above the Rio Grande River.  It is the fifth highest bridge in the United States.  The bridge’s span is 1,280 feet.  The bridge has appeared in several films, including Natural Born Killers, Twins, She’s Having a Baby, Wild Hogs and Terminator Salvation. 

On the ride to the gorge, we spotted a brewery.  So naturally, on the way back we felt compelled to stop.  It was called Taos Mesa Brewing.  They were having their grand opening.  We managed to check three beers off our list while there. 

We returned to our hotel, took quick showers and then joined the rest of the group for about a half mile walk to our restaurant.  We ate at The Love Apple.  The restaurant uses all organic, local products, and prepares everything from scratch.  It was an excellent meal.  We were able to sample a couple of beers, but since they aren’t from New Mexico we couldn’t officially count them.

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