Santa Fe/Taos, New Mexico – September 24, 2012


Today we did a short out and back route north of Taos and then rode to the Plaza in town to eat lunch and shop.  We only ended up riding about 15 miles for the day, but we managed to get in some quality shopping time. 

On the way back into town on our ride, we stopped at a couple of shops.  Deb bought some fragile glass items that I had to transport since she had no bike bag or backpack.  Then she bought about 10 pounds of soaps.  We had to tie the shopping bag to the outside of my pack in order to get them back to the hotel. 

We ate some incredibly spicy, hot nachos for lunch at a restaurant on the Plaza.  We only managed to check one more beer off the list and were then forced to repeat some of our favorites that we’d already tried.  We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping.  We rode back to the hotel, cleaned up and then walked back to a restaurant on the Plaza for dinner.  We had an excellent meal of Mexican food and shared a piece of mango cheesecake for desert.   It cooled down and rained a bit in the evening. 

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