Santa Fe/Taos, New Mexico – September 26, 2012


Today’s route took us from Espanola back to the El Rey Inn in Santa Fe.  It was a fairly long ride, so Deb wanted to get on the road early.  We went down to the casino restaurant to enjoy our 99 cent “senior” breakfast.  As we were leaving the restaurant, we had to walk past the slot machines.  Deb was drawn to them like a moth to a flame.  I finally managed to drag her away and we got on the road at the early hour of 10:30am.  We managed to ride about two tenths of a mile before she had to stop at a gas station and buy gatorade. 

The ride started with 10 miles of climbing.  After we topped the climb we had pleasant rolling hills, losing elevation over the next 10 miles.  We stopped and ate lunch and decided to SAG to the hotel and relax the rest of the day.  We rode 21.5 miles and climbed 1,109 feet in elevation. 

When we got to the hotel we soaked in the hot tub and drank beer with a couple of other people in the group.  Later we walked to a local brewery and ate dinner.  We stopped at Back Road Pizza to have a different beer and split a piece of cheese cake.  Back Road Pizza has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  I think we ended up checking three more beers off our list. 

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  1. Good times…wish I was there….love your pics!!

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