Santa Fe/Taos, New Mexico – September 27, 2012


Today was an optional ride day.  We decided to spend some time shopping in Santa Fe rather than ride.  We needed to return Deb’s rental bike, so we got that out of the way first.  We took the city bus to get to the bike shop.  The buses have bike racks on the front, so we loaded the bike and boarded.  Looking at the GPS map on my phone, it was soon apparent that we were going in the opposite direction that we needed to.  We ended up having to ride the bus to the end of the route and then ride it back the other direction.  Along the way we picked up several interesting characters.  It was my first, and probably last experience with public transportation. 

After returning the bike, we walked on the bike path to the Plaza downtown.  We had a great lunch at a place called The Shed.  The restaurant has won several “Best of Santa Fe” awards and has even won a James Beard Foundation award as an American Classic of Timeless Appeal.  We had a great Mexican meal and checked another beer off our list.

There are so many shops in the Plaza area, it would probably take at least a couple of days to visit them all.  Deb used her hostage negotiating skills to haggle with the shop owners.  She found some more jewelry she couldn’t live without as well a a couple of blankets.  I ended up with a small rug.  When it was time for us to return to the hotel, we called a cab instead of riding the bus.

We joined the rest of the group in the courtyard of the hotel for happy hour before going to our last meal together with everyone.  We went to Vinaigrette for dinner.  It is a bistro that specializes in salad entrees.  Much of the restaurant’s organic produce is grown on the owner’s 10-acre farm, and harvested within hours of arriving at Vinaigrette’s kitchen.  It was a fantastic meal. 

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