Charleston, South Carolina: 3-26-13

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Today was another chilly morning, so we delayed our ride until about 1:00pm.  We rode across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge again and continued on to Sullivan’s Island.  We stopped briefly at historic Fort Moultrie.  Fort Moultrie is a series of citadels built to protect the city of Charleston.  The first fort was built of palmetto logs, which inspired the flag and nickname of South Carolina, “The Palmetto State”.  Construction of the fort began in 1776.  The unnamed and incomplete fort was attacked by British warships in June of 1776.  The soft palmetto logs did not crack, but absorbed the shot.  Cannon balls reportedly even bounced off the walls of the structure.  The fort was rebuilt in 1798 and again in 1804 after it was destroyed by a hurricane.  The current brick fort was built in 1809.

We continued on our ride and ended our route in the Isle of Palms.  Isle of Palms is a small town on a barrier island on the coast.  It’s a very affluent community of both vacation home owners and year-round residents.  We rode through neighborhoods of large beachfront homes.  We loaded the bikes up and sagged back to our hotel.

Debbie and I went in search of a beer before dinner.  We had seen a Sam Adams “Winter Day” tap through the window of a bar last night during our walk.  Since the weather had been so cold, we thought we needed to drink a Winter Day.  Debbie swore she knew where the bar was……….after walking for 40 minutes we gave up and headed back towards the restaurant where we were to meet our group.  Right across the street from our hotel we found the bar we were looking for.  We went in and ordered our beers.  The waiter said they didn’t have that beer anymore; they just hadn’t changed the tap out.  Turns out it was happy hour though, so we got 40 ounce beers for three bucks.  We were running a little short of time as we had to meet the group for dinner.  I was doing my best to chug my huge beer.  Debbie points at something and tells me to look at it……when I turn back, she is pouring part of her beer in my glass.  She laughs and said she’d done it several times.  After finishing my beer and apparently part of hers, we walked to the restaurant to meet the rest of the gang.  Tonight we are dining at Hyman’s Seafood.  Hyman’s is one of the most popular restaurants in Charleston.  There is nearly always a huge line of people waiting on the sidewalk to get in.  The tables have little brass plaques with names of celebrities who have dined there.  Celebrity appearances have included Sandra Bullock, Kevin Costner, Jodie Foster, Hootie and the Blowfish, Sarah Jessica Parker, Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Streisand to name just a few.  The seafood wasn’t fancy……….it was just plain good!

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