Charleston, South Carolina: 3-28-13

We began the day with the great breakfast buffet at Blu Restaurant at The Tides Hotel.  It was quite a spread……everything you could ever want, including grits!  We started our ride at about 10:30 after it had warmed up a bit.  Our destination today was Angel Oak Park on Johns Island.  Somehow Debbie got in the lead and we missed a turn and riding a few extra miles since she never bothers to take a cue sheet along.  The park is home to the Angel Oak Tree.  It’s a southern live oak that’s estimated to be in excess of 400 – 500 years old.  It’s just over 66 feet tall, measures 28 feet in circumference, and produces shade that covers 17,200 square feet.  From tip to tip, its longest branch measures 187 feet.  It’s thought to be one of the oldest living things in the country.  I was amused that there was a sign stating that spike heels were not allowed under the tree, due to the fact that they might harm the root system.  We shuttled back to our hotel in Folly Beach and started organizing our luggage for departure tomorrow.  I retrieved my bike box and packed my bike to be shipped back home.  We met everyone downstairs for happy hour and then had dinner at Blu Restaurant.  I had pan roasted sea scallops with risotto and it was delicious.

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