Bar Harbor, Maine – September 4, 2013

Deb, Lorraine and I biked today.  We parked at the Eagle Lake access area and rode a big loop around Eagle Lake, Bubble Pond and Jordon Pond with a trip up to the summit of Day Mountain.  Midway through our ride we stopped at the Jordon Pond House for dessert.  Lorraine and I had a popover that they had filled with two scoops of ice cream and then topped with chocolate sauce.  Deb had blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream.  It was to die for.  We ended up riding a little over 21 miles and climbed 1,511 feet in elevation.  Debbie finally got in town this evening.  She was to have joined us on Sunday, but was delayed by a sick dog that had to spend some time in the vet hospital.  The dog is doing better and she ended up bringing him (“Romo”) with her.  We met her at the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound for dinner after our ride.  It is the #1 rated place to get fresh lobster in the area.  You pick your live lobster from a giant cooler and they write your number on it with a magic marker.  They place it in a net bag and boil it outside where they have a huge bank of wood fired cookers.  They boil them in sea water for a better taste.  We each got lobsters that weighed just under 3 pounds.  They had the biggest claws I’ve ever seen on a lobster.  They call your number and you pick up your lobster on a huge metal pan along with whatever sides you ordered.  It was a fabulous meal.


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