Bar Harbor, Maine – September 5, 2013

We started our day with a late breakfast at Two Cats in Bar Harbor.  It’s the #1 place in Bar Harbor for breakfast.  While waiting for our table we wandered into their little gift shop.  They had a lost and found box full of things guests had left behind.  Lorraine rummaged through it and came up with an Acadia National Park ball cap and a stocking hat.  Of course we all made fun of her and gave her grief over it.  It didn’t deter her in the least, she wore the ball cap the rest of the day and the stocking cap when it was cool the next morning.  Lorraine and I split a lobster omelet and blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  After we ate, we drove into the park to the Precipice trailhead.  Lorraine and I hiked the Precipice Trail while Debbie and Deb hiked a loop around Jordan Pond.  The Precipice Trail is the most challenging and well known hiking trail in Acadia National Park.  It is an exposed and almost vertical 1,000 foot climb up the east face of Champlain Mountain.  There are metal rungs and ladders to assist you on your climb, but it was still very strenuous and potentially dangerous at times.  It didn’t help that it had rained the night before and some of the areas were still wet and slick.  One young couple that passed us ended up calling it quits and turned back before reaching the summit.  The views on the way up were incredible.  In some areas we were on very narrow ledges and there was a lot of scrambling over large boulders.  It was about 2 miles to the summit and it was well worth the effort.  We rested at the top for about 30 minutes before descending.  We decided to take a different route down to avoid the steep areas that we’d come up.  We took a trail down that intersected with the park loop road and had about a 20 minute walk back to our car.  We got in a total of about 3 1/2 hours of hiking and got a good workout.  We stopped in Bar Harbor at the Cottage Street Pub and sampled some Maine beer before heading back to the house.  Deb and Debbie had been slaving away making salad, baked potatoes and corn.  They had brought home live lobster which we steamed.  It was a feast!


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