Bar Harbor, Maine – September 6, 2013

Lorraine and I opted to bike some carriage roads today.  Deb and Debbie went hiking along the coast on Ship Harbor Trail with Romo.  We rode from the Brown Mountain Gate House on a 6 mile loop to start.  We realized we were lost when we came around to the same bridge the second time.  We reversed directions and with the help of someone who had a map, figured out how to get back to the car.  Once back to the car, we retrieved our trail map (duh) and set out again on another loop ride.  It involved some very long climbs and I had to walk my bike at times.  The scenery was beautiful and in particular the views from the top of our longest climb.  We ended up with a total of about 18 miles with a total elevation gain of 1,913 feet.  We finished our ride and drove into Bar Harbor for a late lunch of a lobster roll.  We got it to go and returned to the Cottage Street Pub to enjoy some more Maine beer with our food.  We stopped at a bakery in town and bought a blueberry pie (still warm) to go along with our dinner that Debbie and Deb were cooking at the house.  We also got some vanilla ice cream to top it with.  Deb and Debbie fixed an awesome dinner of salad and angel hair pasta with roasted vegetables and chicken.  We had a local Maine blueberry wine with dinner.  We all dressed for dinner in our “Catch of the Day” lobster nightshirts and matching socks that we purchased at a shop in town.


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