Fruita, Colorado – October 7, 2013

I decided to go back to the 18 Road trails today and ride Zippety Doo Da on my first run.  I reasoned that if I was fresh and rested I’d be less likely to make a dumb mistake.  I again parked at the lower trailhead and rode the gravel road up.  I rode Frontside to the beginning of Zippety.  A trail sign warns this is an “experts only” trail……I ignored it and continued on anyway.  The best way to describe this trail is that it’s a dirt roller coaster.  At some points you wonder where the trail goes because you literally have to get to the edge before you can see the trail drop down below you.  There are two miles of ups, downs, insane climbs and even crazier descents, and some super fast sections, all done along narrow ridge tops.  I was cautious and walked some areas where I thought I might die.  I finished the trail with no crashes and was glad I rode it.  I rode back up the road to the upper parking lot and this time took Prime Cut over to a trail called PBR (Pumps, Berms, Rollers).  PBR is a downhill direction only trail and again rated as an “expert only” route.  I’m not sure why it is rated as such because it wasn’t that difficult.  It’s a fast flowing trail with banked turns, lots of single and double bumps.  It was a really fun, fast trail to ride.  The trail dead ended into Prime Cut.  I rode back up Prime Cut until it connected with the gravel road.  I continued up on the road and made one last run down Kessel.  Being a Monday, the trails were not as crowded today.  I was able to really go all out on Kessel and had a blast.  I drove back to my motel and showered.  I went to the local bike shop, Over The Edge Sports and did some shopping.  I then went to Suds Brothers Brewery, had a bite to eat and sampled some of their brews.  I had a Keeper Kummin Nut Brown Ale and a Red Monkey’s Butt Amber……..both very good.  Afterwards I went to the Hot Tomato Cafe for a concert.  They are normally closed on Mondays, but were open tonight for the concert.  The artist was Chris Pureka, an acoustic singer-songwriter from Massachusetts.  She has gained popularity by performing with artists such as The Cowboy Junkies, Ani Difranco, Jeffrey Foucault, and Melissa Ferrick.  She has been compared to artists Patty Griffin and Gillian Welch.  She played acoustic guitar along with backup by a bass player and electric guitarist.  The concert was on an outdoor patio behind the cafe.  It was an intimate setting with seating limited to about 50 people.  They had propane heaters and some chiminea wood fires for warmth.

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