Las Vegas Bike Trip – April 7, 2014

It was a chilly start to the day but luckily the sun helped keep us warm. I did wear knickers, a long sleeve pullover and full finger gloves for the ride down the mountain. There were construction crews working on the road we were to ride down. Ironically, the construction is to add bike lanes. They had traffic stopped as I left the hotel. There was a group of cars waiting on a pilot car to lead them through the construction. The flagman told me to pull in after the last car and bring up the rear. They were traveling so slow that I had to ride my brakes constantly. Once we got through the construction, I pulled over and waited.  I wanted the traffic to get far enough ahead of me so I could just let it rip down the mountain.  I waited a few minutes and started again.  I caught up with them after a few miles and pulled over again to wait.  I took off again and went all the way to the bottom where Chan was waiting.  Judy and Tom had decided not to ride the downhill section and they were already in the van. I joined them and we waited for the others to come down. Everyone else soon arrived and shed their jackets and leg warmers. Linda joined us in the van and the rest of the group continued on the route. On the ride down the mountain I saw an “Adopt A Highway Litter Control” sign that was sponsored by “The Las Vegas Star Trek Fan Club”.  I got a chuckle out of that one.

Those of us in the van had elected to skip a hilly section of the route. Chan drove us on into Las Vegas and dropped us off near a bike path. Linda and I rode together, about another 15 miles to our lodging, the Hampton Inn Tropicana near the strip. Chan had dropped the luggage trailer off at the hotel earlier in the day. We retrieved our bags and put them and our bikes in the hotel storage room since our rooms weren’t ready yet. We asked at the desk where the closest place was to get a beer and got directed to the “Wild West Gambling Hall”. It was a short walk from the hotel and was actually located inside a Day’s Inn. We had second thoughts as we got closer. It was a place that probably only locals went. It was a seedy little joint, no place tourists would really hang out. We drew a few stares since we were still dressed in our biking clothes. We got our drinks and found a table to sit at. Wayne joined us after he and the rest of the group finished their ride. We walked back to our hotel later and were able to check in.

Debbie texted me about 3:30pm and said her plane had just landed. She still had to pick up her rental car and then pick up her rental bike.  She got to the hotel about 5:30pm and we walked over to explore the strip. We hit New York, New York, the Aria, and MGM. We played mostly penny slots. By the end of the night I was about $100 ahead and Debbie had used up all her “lucky money” and gone to the ATM for more.

Las Vegas is a unique town. I did a little research online and learned a few interesting tidbits. There is a business called “Hangover Heaven” (check it out at They claim they can cure your hangover. You may go to their clinic or they will come to your hotel room. They even have a 45-foot bus that’s a rolling treatment clinic. Depending on how bad your hangover is, you can purchase a “Redemption”, “Salvation” or “Rapture” package for the truly epic hangover. They give you IV fluids, vitamins, nausea and headache medicine. The Rapture package will run you $239 and another $200 on top of that if you are so sick that they have to come to your hotel room. But, if your whole group is sick, they allow you to split the $200 house call between all your drunk friends. Of course they are open 24/7. Fortunately we did not need their services.

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